Bulk courier

ACT Logistics offers bulk courier services within South Africa and internationally.

Based on your needs, we can transport freight by air, road or sea, ensuring it arrives at its destination safely and on time.

Bulk Courier Services

Domestic road freight

Domestic road freight is ideal for heavier items and bulk shipments. We’ll ensure that your heavy items get to their destination securely and affordably, within 24 to 72 hours.

We also offer dedicated vehicles, if you need to make sensitive or large deliveries. Our vehicles can handle loads from one to 32 tonnes.

Equipment and stock transport

Whatever type of business you have, we have the capabilities and experience required to transport your equipment or stock safely, efficiently and at a competitive rate.

Bulk international air freight

Have an item to ship internationally that weighs 31.5 kilograms or more? Our international air freight service delivers heavier, declarable items from your door to the airport terminal.

To discuss your requirements or get a quote, contact us online or call us on 0860 99 99 22.