Ecommerce courier services

ACT Logistics offers a comprehensive range of ecommerce delivery solutions and logistics services.

Ecommerce shipping solutions

At ACT Logistics, we can:

  • store your stock in clean, secure facilities
  • pick and pack goods for distribution
  • deliver goods to your customers or partners, quickly, professionally and affordably
  • provide our logistics and distribution services under your own brand
  • offer tailored e-commerce courier solutions designed to minimise costs and increase efficiency.

That means you won’t need to hunt for suitable storage space, or sign a long lease for warehouse space that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs (or might not 10 months from now).

You won’t need to set up systems and hire staff to locate and package items as they’re ordered. We’ll handle everything for you.

Our online package management system ensures you can track deliveries in real time, and you’ll have personal, direct access to members of our local management team.

End-to-end supply chain management

If you choose, you can even cut staff costs and avoid logistical headaches altogether, leaving ACT Logistics to provide end-to-end management of your supply chain.

Because we have branches located throughout the country, you can store goods at strategic locations near all the main centres where your customers are located. So you can benefit from a national distribution network without having to open multiple branches or manage complex logistics yourself. This means that even on a small budget, you can “go national”.

To discuss your requirements or get a quote, contact us online or call us on 0860 99 99 22.