Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding services

ACT Logistics offers freight forwarding services in South Africa.

If you’re part of the freight forwarding community, you can use ACT Logistics to manage the entire South African section of your business. ACT Logistics enables you to operate an end-to-end supply chain, using your company’s file references and bill lading numbers.

Why use ACT Logistics for freight forwarding?

With ACT Logistics, your business can benefit from lucrative import and export markets, without having to master the potentially complex regulations and logistics associated with importing or exporting goods in South Africa.

The aim of our freight forwarding services is to save you time, frustration and money.

What we can do

We can handle the South African process, paperwork and regulations involved in importing or exporting goods.

We can provide reliable, efficient warehousing services, ensuring that your goods are stored securely and can be efficiently retrieved and loaded for transportation.

We can determine the best options and routes for transporting freight by air, road or sea, based on cost, reliability and speed.

We can ensure that you’re kept properly updated at all times, with real-time tracking. We believe in ongoing personal communication and aim to provide outstanding customer service.

Finally, unlike many other freight forwarders, we can ship goods under your company’s own bills of lading.

To discuss your requirements or get a quote, contact us online or call us on 0860 99 99 22.