Terms of service

Transit times

Transit times are reflected on the International Zone section of this proposal. These transit times are approximate delivery times. Special arrangements can be made to meet critical deadlines. Contact ACT Logistics for assistance.

Weight restrictions

ACT Logistics will accept heavy shipments for international courier delivery provided that no single piece weighs more than 30 kilograms, as per an international labour requirement. For example, a shipment weighing 300 kilograms in total should be packaged to form at least 10 pieces. In the event that this is not possible, please contact us to make special arrangements.

Weight calculation

The weight of a shipment is taken as its volumetric or actual weight, whichever is the greater. Consignments are taken up to the nearest 0.5 kilograms.


All non-document consignments for international delivery require customs documentation. Please contact ACT Logistics for additional information on the documentation that’s required.

Temporary exports

ACT Logistics must be advised of any goods that are being exported temporarily and which will subsequently be returned to the Republic of South Africa. For example, this includes goods being sent out of the country for repair or demonstration purposes and that will be returning to the Rand monetary area within a specified period. A DA65 will then be processed. Any identifiable markings or serial numbers must be listed on our accompanying PRO FORMA invoice and NEP form, together with an ACT air waybill.

Restricted/dangerous goods service

Any goods that are classified as restricted or dangerous goods by IATA will NOT be permitted as a courier consignment. Goods of this nature must conform to IATA regulations and be packed in accordance with their rules and regulations. Any goods of this nature will be quoted per consignment.

Dangerous goods

It is the responsibility of the shipper of goods to ensure that a consignment is not dangerous or hazardous for carriage by air. Various international and domestic regulations govern the transportation of dangerous goods. Please ensure that your despatch staff adhere to these regulations. Should there be any doubt as to whether your shipment will be classified as dangerous, hazardous or restricted, please contact ACT Logistics. Any goods classified as dangerous/hazardous for carriage by air must be brought to ACT Logistics’ attention.

Warning labels and declarations must accompany the goods and they be packed in accordance with the applicable IATA regulations. ACT Logistics will assist you should you require a special quote for packaging by an IATA registered packing company. This will avoid potential delays prior to despatch. Rates for hazardous/dangerous goods will be quoted per shipment.

Prohibited goods The following items are prohibited and will not be accepted as courier material:

  • goods having a declared value for carriage exceeding rand value equivalent (us dollars) $1000 per gross kilogram
  • dangerous or hazardous goods
  • flammable or toxic goods
  • valuable jewellery, diamonds, gold, precious stones, watches, furs, money (bank notes), coins, and travellers cheques
  • firearms (weaponry and other weaponry parts)
  • foodstuffs and perishables
  • gambling devices
  • live animals, plants or seeds
  • restricted goods and goods requiring special packaging.

Depending on destination, mode of transport and/or customs imports restrictions, the following goods may be restricted and/or require special packaging for carriage:

  • alcohol: Exemption certification may be necessary; limited to 30 litres of wine, 2 litres of spirits.
  • cosmetics: No alcohol-based cosmetics; no flammable/aerosol cans.
  • glass: Requires special packaging.
  • prescriptions drugs: May be restricted by the destination country.
  • dry ice: Limited quantities, for use in permitted perishable products.
  • wooden carvings and frames: May require fumigation and crating into certain countries.

Additional restrictions may apply for certain countries. Should you wish to send any of the above items, please contact us so that we can arrange the correct mode of transport. Tariffs will depend on the commodity and final destination country. Surcharges per waybill in addition to the basic tariff Surcharges apply for the following:

  • same-day delivery between major centres or secondary areas by arrangement
  • early bird deliveries (by 09h00) on ONX consignments in major centres
  • Saturday deliveries and collections on ONX consignments before 12h00 in major centres
  • after-hours collection or delivery of parcels
  • same-day, in-city deliveries within coastal cities and within the city of Johannesburg
  • delivery / collection to any consulate or embassy
  • delivery / collection to or from a tender point
  • drive-aways (by arrangement only), per kilometre driven, including return trip
  • delivery / collection to or from any township
  • delivery / collection to or from any mine
  • delivery / collection to or from any farm
  • delivery / collection to or from any retail chain stores where we are unable to do a front door delivery.

Fuel surcharge Note that a fuel surcharge will be levied on all domestic and international consignments. This surcharge is based on the fluctuation of fuel prices. ACT Logistics reserves the right to increase such surcharge without prior notice.